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No Rhyme or Reason: Random Misha Quotes 1/? 
AN: if you have a quote you want giffed just hit my ask!

No Rhyme or Reason: Random Misha Quotes 1/? 


AN: if you have a quote you want giffed just hit my ask!

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According to IMDB, Castiel IS in tonight’s episode. Do you think it’s a trustful source?


I received a lot of questions asking why I don´t like/ship Destiel:

  • Castiel had a choice and he chose to break Sam’s wall as you know
  • For me, there’s NOTHING that can be said to excuse what he did to Sam
  • In that moment HE sentence Sam to remember all the torture and abuse that happened in hell
  • He blackmailed Dean, also.
  • I´m sorry, but I will never be able to forgive him

So, if the angels in SPN actually submitted to angel lore from the bible and what not, I would maybe understand people’s anger…

HOWEVER, the angels clearly don’t follow biblical lore since they don’t seem to be able to know the outcomes of their choices, they have these human emotions instead of being mostly logical, and they don’t have a complete knowledge of all of history (present and future). That said, I find it difficult not to forgive Cas.

For one thing he is highly affected by his human body, which seems to make him progressively more human, as the series continues.

Then despite that he’s still clinging to his angelic existence, and tries endlessly to logic out what is the greatest good.

This leads me to believe that Cas himself is at war with Jimmy, his angelic nature, and the lessons that Sam, Dean, and Bobby taught him, daily.

It’s clear that Cas didn’t really know what he was unleashing on Sam when he broke the wall down. It is just as clear that he is unendingly remorseful for not just breaking the wall, but everything he put Sam and Dean through.

Honestly I think that if Sam’s forgiven Cas, then who am I to stay mad?

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Life is so much more wonderful than any one person can comprehend in their lifetime.
It takes another person to help see what beauty they have missed.